The Angel Rev

Spiritual and Holistic Counseling


Spiritual Counseling


Spirituality is the basis of all belief systems and is at the core of every thought that humans create. It is concerned with our desire for love, happiness, peace and trust.

Spiritual Counseling takes you to the core of the issue so that complete balancing can occur. It allows you to explore different aspects to encourage you to follow your life path, increase personal growth, embrace complete wellness and release shadows.

Transitions occur every day in life- marriage, birth, death, career or role changes. Emotional mental, physical and spiritual reactions are normal and natural responses to any type of transition that occurs. Unfortunately, our society does not encourage these types of responses nor provides adequate information to obtain answers to bring them to resolution.

Spiritual and Holistic counseling takes you deeper into the heart of the matter so life can be enjoyed fully in the present. I use various techniques in the sessions to give you insight so that you may grow.

Holistic Counseling


Holistic counseling addresses all parts of the individual and is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately living better, healthier and striving for wholeness. Our discomforts or pains are merely symptoms of an imbalance. No aspect (mind, body, spirit, or emotions) of a person is overlooked when a holistic treatment is sought.

The holistic approach takes the broadest possible view of illness and disease, identifying multiple causes (both internal and external), and offering multi-dimensional "healing," as opposed to specific "cures." It is as concerned with one's propensity towards disease as it is with its transmission.