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Dr. Barbara M. Rocha
Spiritual and Holistic Counselor
Nondenominational Minister


I am a non-denominational minister of the Universal Faith and a spiritual counselor in the holistic and esoteric fields.  I am also a naturopathic doctor. This allows me to better able serve my clients more fully on their journey governing the mind, body and spirit relationship.

My expertise lies in many topics such as health and wellness, angels, indigenous cultures, energy facilitation, religions, ancient belief systems and phenomena. I work with people, animals and nature to bring harmony in life. Fluent in many forms of energy modalities, I also use an innovative technique of aura interpretation, beyond colors, through reading the soul or Akasha.

My life mission is as a guide to assist others in understanding the need for personal and global love and respect and to teach personal empowerment.

I travel frequently teaching and guiding others around the world in various topics and aspects of the holistic and esoteric field. This is done at different venues and in individual or group settings.

Because I am an intuitive and yet a realist, I work with many doctors, psychologists and veterinarians when their cases become too complicated on an emotional, spiritual or mental level to assist them in arriving at the reason behind the issue. 

I have an encouraging, compassionate, nonjudgmental outlook and will assist you in exploring new thoughts and feelings to create a more whole way of living.

If you would like to schedule a session please feel free to contact me.

Statement of Disclosure
I am a naturopath, spiritual counselor and holistic practitioner. I am not an allopathic doctor or veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs or perform surgery. These services are not an alternative to or substitute for medical care but a complement to them.