The Angel Rev

Animal Care

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Animals are an important part of our lives. They have been and will continue to be so. They have long been in our history as paintings and in mythology as symbols and teachers. They have impacted us in ways that only spiritual teachers can.


We need to honor them for the creatures they are, and for the spiritual flame that they ignite within us. Animals are the angels of the earth, sent here to connect us with those parts of us that long for our roots with nature. They touch cords in us that motivate us to gaze upon them and wonder in awe.

It is essential to care for our animals in a holistic manner just as we would ourselves. Animals suffer stress for a variety of reasons including living in unnatural environments, absorbing the emotions of the homes they live in, taking on negative energies and diseases as a buffer to protect their guardians, and misunderstanding situations that they find themselves in. Animals are very receptive to telepathic communication and energy work, and especially healing.

They are eager and willing to clear their energy fields, but require a little help in doing so. Animals often heal quicker than their guardians, as they don't carry the same amount of emotional or energetic "baggage" as most humans do. Animals are pure souls, without judgment – and therefore are fully able and willing to accept unconditionally pure healing and balancing.

Your animal has a role in your life. Each animal has a mission, or spiritual purpose for being with their particular guardian. When this is understood and honored, they can become wonderful teachers and healers for their human companions. Knowing their role in the family can have a huge impact on an animal's stress level and well being. One animal may want to guard your property, while another may prefer to diffuse tensions in the household or get you out exercising. Roles can be as diverse as the personalities involved.

Through my work with you and your animals, we can create a more harmonious life for them. Many issues can be addressed through intuitive work, behavior modification and changes in diet or work in addition to alternative therapies such as flower remedies and energy work.

Our animal companions bring so much to our lives. Their joy of living is an example to us. Their unconditional love is a model for how we should strive to live our own lives.

It is our obligation to return the love and care they so freely give to us.