The Angel Rev



As the world is becoming more stressful and busy each one of us is becoming more sensitive to other people and our environment. Feeling psychically vulnerable to external vibrations happens to most of us at some time or another. It is a question of whether it is of a positive nature or negative nature.

There are positive energies that may be able to give us support and assistance if tapped into and appreciated. By connecting to its vibrational level you can then live in harmony with the energy.

There are any number of explanations for what these things might be - ghosts, entities or simply urgest of the subconscious mind. In truth, it doesn't matter what they are. What does matter is that their effect is very real and unless they are put under control, they will affect your everyday life and well being.


Additionally, there are "things of the dark" out there. We become more sensitive to any kind of pressure and can't stand having other people "in our faces". We want even our loved ones to keep their distance. Most of us feel more vulnerable when we are stressed, tired or going through intense change. If we become really vulnerable, we can sense people's moods too easily and this can be overwhelming

It is important to transmute these energies on yourself, house or land to a positive state or understanding. Any person can be cleared as long as they are ready to accept responsibility for themselves. This would be accomplished through counseling and energy work.


The energy of a house, land or space can be improved by learning to identify and understand the energies and transmute them to their proper frequencies or vibrations.

Remember, everything emits energy and needs to be respected. Respect allows us to stand in a place of power and make the necessary changes. Awareness creates intention and if we bring our intention to a more positive point we can all grow and evolve harmoniously.

If you are interested in learning more about this subject or to schedule a clearing, please contact me.